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About Tidy Quick-UPs

Tidy Quick-UPs is an individual Cleaning Service that was initiated by an idea of Mr. David Effiom, the official head of this Cleaning Service to serve as a helping hand to people or organizations who do not really have time to keep clean or tidy up their homes, offices or shops and enviroments as a whole.

Who We Are!

Tidy quick-UPs is an individual Cleaning Service that specializes on almost every area of cleaning services.
You can book any of our services for your homes, offices or shops.

Our Vision

Tidy quick-UPs will be the leading and preferred individual Cleaning Service in the world, providing quality and quick cleaning services for homes, offices or shops and even more.

Our Mission

To create an inclusive avenue that makes it easy for People, Companies and Organizations to get their enviroments tidy up in a JIFFY or Estate Managers to gain access in maintaining every houses and offices or business premises in which they handle.